Blogger, I barely know 'er!

This is my friend, Kira.

She has a food blog and it's what I used to plan a lot of my meals over the last year.

Last summer she visited me in Bloomington and I made her make food with me, like this homemade pasta.

Two summers ago she got married and I got to be in her wedding.

Anyway. Why am I sharing this with you? Because Kira's blog (foodallaputtanesca.blogspot.com) was a big part of the reason why I wanted to start this blog about living in Canada. I've provided links to hers above, and in another location. Please direct your attention the right side of the screen (if you're looking at this in a feed reader, you're missing out). You'll see the newest addition to Sounds Like Canada - a blog roll! I've been reading most of these blogs for over a year and I'm very proud to show off my reading list to you.

If you're like me, a graduate student, you might be saying to yourself, "Goodness, 130 pages for one class simply weren't enough this week. I need something else to read, to help me plan my recipes, to laugh at other people's children, or figure out how to structure my work out." Just check out that blog roll and you'll know all you wanted to (and maybe more) about my friends' lives and my own, and those of the complete strangers whose blogs I like. Enjoy!


  1. Oh Abby, I love that you embrace the blog.

    If I didn't read blogs, watch TV or eat at Chick-Fil-A once a week (I had to put a chicken limit on myself), I'd be a much more productive person.

    I don't think I'd be nearly as happy, though.

    God help me, I hope no one comes to my blog looking for recipes. They will be disappointed and confused.

  2. Ugh, I'm so sad we don't have chick fil'a. On the other hand, it's better for my waist line.

  3. Meh! Hey, thanks for pimping my blog! I am SO SO SO glad you started a blog. It's really funny, and I'm planning on making that squash pie this weekend.

  4. Meh! No problem! I thought I'd make an example out of you. And as a non-recipe-specific blog, I'm flattered to have provided a recipe. I have a couple of other recipe posts on the way. Also, that pie was DELICIOUS.