Canadian Tire

On Saturday we wanted to buy some sticky lights to put in our pantry and we've heard some interesting thing about Canadian Tire. Our friend Jessica described it as similar to Wal-mart "but with a whole other group of rednecks...they're, you know, skinnier..."

I'd say it's basically like Wal-mart but without the grocery section. Here's their motto:

Fall days, I guess. It was pretty crowded with people getting ready for their Labor Day picnics, etc.
Canadian Tire sells a lot of random stuff, like Wal-mart. Here's a sample:

Carpets, kayaks, pots and pans, and Lays chips. All in one convenient place.

Canadians are doo'ers. I'm noticing that they're labeling all the sections with gerunds.

John saw these and said, "Dang, they are really serious about this..."

Some little girl skates:

Fila makes big girl skates:

When I turned away from the wall o' skates, I saw John doing this:

I feel like you could edit this into a boy holding a bucket of bait and a fishing pole, but I'm not good with photoshop. Anyone want to give that a try?

This is the strip across from Canadian Tire. The middle store with red lettering is called the English Butler. I asked John, what would they sell? Top hats? Aprons? Feather dusters?

Just when I think I've found Canadian Wal-mart, we went next door to the real Wal-mart, and two things reminded me of where I was. As we walked in the frozen food aisle, what sounded like the scream of a small child "pierced the air," as John put it, and no one batted an eye. While we were in electronics I saw a boy who looked about 10 picking up a video game. He slammed it down and cried in disgust, "FUCKIN' SMURFS!!!!" John looked at me and said plainly, "Well, who among us hasn't been there?"

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