On the Street where I Live

Last July I sprained my ankle. As of a few weeks ago, it was supposed to have been healed, but it still swells and gets sore when I try to run for very long. My ankle will give me my first opportunity to try out my new Canadian health insurance, but in the mean time, I've been swimming at Western's gym. It really takes me back to my childhood.

Then I take the bus and walk down a few pretty streets on my way home.

This beauty is on the corner of Wellington and Victoria. You see, Li'l London really wants to be like the Big London. Here's the front of the same house.

While strolling by this house, it occurred to me that there are two types of squirrels in London. In Indiana, we have grey or brown squirrels (or little tree squirrels, just ask my mom - one time, a little one got into our living room and crawled around on her head before they noticed). In Michigan, around Interlochen, they have black squirrels. But in London, we have both.

Today the brown squirrels didn't want to sit still and have their picture taken, but I snapped photos a couple of the black ones.

From a short distance, this little guy looks sort of like a small black cat. But after he noticed me, he shot a few feet away. Same one:

I made one other observation today on my walk. You may already know that in the U.S., mosquitoes don't bite me. They don't like the taste, or maybe I give off bad vibes...I don't know for sure. Either way, I've never worn bug spray because I've never needed to. But as I was taking this picture, I got my second Canadian mosquito bite. Maybe they like the mild taste, not laced with Tim Horton's and maple flavoring like everyone's here.


  1. Remember when the squirrel got into our room at Interlochen?

  2. Oh, God, yes! That was awful! Probably because I had junk food near the window or something.

    I forgot to mention above that my main thought when I saw these guys was, how do the brown ones and black ones not accidentally mate and just combine their breeds? Do they have some way of knowing which one they are so they only mate with their same breed?