Sounds like Lola

It turns out that a blog and the beginning of my PhD don't go together as easily as I'd hoped. The food posts require a lot less text so they will probably be frequent. But lest you think this is just a food blog, here's a post about the Lola Festival.

Lola is a festival of concerts and art installations, held downtown in Victoria Park. I was there for two concerts - the Steve Reich program and a performance by Final Fantasy. There were exhibits and concerts in different parts of the park and other concerts on the main stage.

Don't untie it, or it'll get away!

John, enjoying the Reich concert, maybe the moment when the (homeless?) shirtless, barefoot man walked slowly in front of the stage during Six Pianos.

Right next to Victoria Park is a wonderful Lebanese restaurant, where we had dinner.

We tried shawarma and it was so. good.

This was one of the most delicious meals I've had in Canada so far. The hummas - oh! - the hummas!

We walked around the park some more before the concert started and came upon a balloon-animal spider web. People were taking pictures of it, but I heard someone say that it was not an art installation after all. It was part of a kid's birthday party in the park that afternoon. Oh well!

Back at the main stage, Final Fantasy was about to perform.

Final Fantasy is this guy, Owen Pallett, who plays violin and sings and uses electronics. John saw him two summers ago at the Bang on a Can Marathon. He's kind of an interesting bridge between the "classical" new music scene and "popular" music.

I'm so glad we went to this, I really liked it!

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