Bus Passes!

John and I are finished registering as actual students here and now we have bus passes! We tried them out on a trip to the Grad Club and the gym last week.

John was looking forlorn as we waited for our bus, the 13. It picks us up about 3 blocks from our house, right next to St. Joseph Hospital.

First we had lunch at the Grad Club and met with our advisor. The Grad Club is basically an on-campus pub for graduate students and faculty. Undergrads are only allowed if they aren't studying or bothering anyone (per the sign).

On our way to the gym we passed this outdoor ice rink, out of use at the moment. Maybe I'll try out my skates there in the winter.

This is the track where I get to run. It's around the hockey rink! The track is awesome - it's cold in there and the surface is really springy and feels safe. It's probably 55 degrees so you don't sweat like crazy. Ugh. I love it!

More than that, I can actually run now. My ankle has been healing for about 2 months and it feels good to run, but it also gets tired quickly so I'm just going to ease back into running. This place also makes me excited for hockey season. Sometime when I'm there with the lights on, I'll take a better picture.

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