Pioneer Village: Big on History, BIG on FUN!

Last Tuesday, John and I decided to go to Pioneer Village - a historic village that covers about 100 years of time in rural Ontario. It was sort of like the Fort in Fort Wayne, back when they had people in costume.

John thought their poster was really creepy. It looks like those girls are going to eat the pioneers down below.

We learned that pioneers used to live in old-timey cabins.

We watched this blacksmith make fire place poker.

He twisted the part just below the hook to make a really pretty decoration.

Here's John inside the building for some kind of men's association, similar to the Masons.

Here's the real Masonic Lodge.

Old-timey school #1,

and #2.

The inside of the Presbyterian church.

Outside the Anglican church, in the "Carpetner Gothic" style.

And the very beautiful inside of the church. They still have weddings in both churches and at other sites on the property.

Next, we wandered over to the Old-Timey Farm and hung out with some sheep.

We picked grass and fed it to them. They put up with me, but it was John they really wanted.

Their doorways are pretty short there. Here's a demo, comparing them to my height:

The printing shop:

The old-timey Labatt's wagon.

John, inside the brewery.

Trying to steal this firewood.

Ye must put your Recycling and Litter in the correct Old-Timey Receptacles.

At the Fort in Fort Wayne the costumed characters would come up to you and start a friendly conversation. We didn't talk to any characters at Pioneer Village. The two women we saw just stared at us from their porch as we walked by. It saved all of us some awkward talk to just keep walking. It didn't help that there was only one other group of people in the entire place besides us.

I bought some Old Tyme Ginger Soda at the General Store and it was almost too strong to drink.

I'd say we had a big, fun, historical time.

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