For my birthday, John gave me the Martha Stewart Cake Decorating Kit. One of the best things in it was the small, flat, metal spatula that makes it easy to smooth out icing.

Here's a red velvet cake that I made just before he gave me the kit.

The recipe was also from Martha Stewart, but it's from the cupcake book. I was out of cupcake wrappers.

Notice, by this point I could make a decent looking cake, but the icing still has a kind of rougher surface.

Here's a funfetti cake I made a few days ago. It's not as smooth as fondant, but I was pretty pleased with how symmetrical and smooth I could make it with the little metal spatula.

I'm sure there will be more cake photos to come. After I'm happy with a cake I've made, I always feel compelled to take a picture.

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  1. I always take pictures of my food, and generally it's not stuff I made. Be not ashamed of your gift!