Fun with iPhoto

I like to play with the "enhance" button on iPhoto, especially when it darkens things. It makes them so pretty!

But it can also make them look really different - usually good, sometimes too much light, and sometimes, weird.

A regular sort of "blue" shot of Lake Erie becomes electric blue:

A similar "blue" water shot,

that secretly has more colors inside:

This next one was taken in a crowd of people facing the stage during the evening concert at Lola last weekend:

I love that this was taken at a concert with a lot of electronic music. The weird gray fuzz in everyone's silhouettes looks like the "snow" when your TV is on the fritz.

This one hasn't been "enhanced" at all. It's just the sunset on a night when John and I were driving around Indianapolis. He doesn't need iPhoto's help to take a good picture.

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