On Holiday at Port Burwell

Happy Labor Day! Thank goodness they observe Labor Day in Canada.

To celebrate the end of summer, John and I went to Port Burwell, one of Ontario's Provincial Parks. It's about an hour south of London, right on Lake Erie.

We passed several farms with wind turbines. They're so much bigger than I expected!

Here we are at the lake!

First we went for a walk on the sand.

We saw the work of those who came before us.

John tried to pick this dead tree out of the sand, but it was stuck.

Here's a link to a video of us walking around the beach, before other people got there.
Abby and John at Port Burwell.

There were seagulls everywhere.
We tried to go toward this light house and thought maybe we could walk on the rocks.

It turned out to be a huge wall of rocks that act like a breaker, so we climbed it instead.

We decided to back to the car and eat the lunches we packed. I stopped on the way to play with some drift wood.

We also saw a sail boat, far from the shore.

After lunch it was beach time again. We changed into swim suites and braved the chilly water.

After about 10 minutes it was fine, but at first - whew! Cold.

There were nice sized waves, big enough for us to play in. We brought a frisbee with us - one that I got for free somehow at IU. At one point, John fell in a wave and the frisbee got lodged in the murky sand. We never saw it again. Some Canadian is probably now the owner of a neon green IU frisbee.

Then back up the path and into the car:

With the magic of iPhoto editing it looks like we're there on two different days or something, but it's the same path.
We're so glad we found an actual beach that's only an hour away! I'm sure we'll be back.

I hope you all enjoyed the 3-day weekend!


  1. As an FYI, now that you've alerted me to the existence of your blog, I will be following your adventures and commenting often.

    Just wanted you to be prepared!

  2. I'm so glad! Welcome to our Canadian blog adventure.