Movin' On Up

With everything that's happened since we moved here, I've neglected to tell you about the move itself.

Let's go back - waaaaaay back - to 3 and a half weeks ago, when John and my parents and I drove the 22' truck from Fort Wayne to London.

Thankfully, this process took just about an hour and we made it out with what we needed. A couple of things made me nervous about being there, like when my mom came into the room and whispered harshly, "Don't go into the third stall in the women's bathroom, there's a bag of marijuana in it." If I had a list of things you don't want to say while trying to get into a country, this would be on it.

Apparently when she and my dad went through the toll-booth-like line in the car, the conversation went something like this:

Agent: What's in the car?
Parents: We don't know...
Agent: But who packed the car?
Parents: Uh, our daughter, we think...
Agent: Well whose car is it?
Parents: Our daughter's boyfriend...

I guess they seemed so innocent that no one wanted to bother inspecting their car.

Getting all of our stuff off that giant truck and into the small apartment was no easy task.

You could barely walk through it. John put some shelves together for our pantry.

And voila!

Here are some before and after shots.
Living room before:

No furniture yet.

And after:

Yes, we have clutter, but that just gives it a "lived in" feeling.

Guest bedroom before:

And after:

Our bedroom, before:

And after!

Now our guest bedroom isn't the only put together room in the house.

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