Breakfast for Dinner!!!

My roommates past and present will attest that my all time favorite, most comforty-comfort food is Breakfast For Dinner.

Just like Breakfast for Breakfast, Breakfast for Dinner can go in a lot of directions. There's Sweet, like French toast. There's Savory, like grits. There's balanced, like a proportion of meat, grains, fruit, etc.

And there's bacon.

Before I ruin the idea of a Breakfast for Dinner without 5,000 calories, this is turkey bacon. Or, as the French Canadians say, Turkey in the Genre of Bacon.

No, it's not as bacon-ee as regular, thick cut, make-you-fat bacon, but it does the job and it's way less bad for you.

My brother says the "scramble" is the clumsy man's omelette. Myself, I'm not big on omlette's because they always seem like too much egg.

In a scramble, the additions (re: bacon) can keep the egg from being the main idea.

The theme of this scramble was "caprese."

Bacon (faux bacon, or, facon), tomatoes, mozzerella (which you cant see because it's already melted in), and basil from our basil plant.

Dinner in 10 minutes!


  1. I wanted to make an awful joke about Canadian bacon and regular bacon, but I figured you'd heard it twelve times.

    That, by the way, looks heavenly.

  2. Thanks! It was really tasty, we made it again tonight since we were pressed for time.

    Also, Canadians eat all the same bacon we do. Boring.

  3. Wait, their bacon is the same??? But, but, but, I always thought... Oh man!
    Your scramble sounds awesome! I'm a huge fan of the 'scramble' idea, I've used it many times! One of my standby combinations was breakfast sausage, spinach and cheddar cheese. I love your caprese theme! :)

  4. Why, thank you! Yeah, the bacon is the same. It was the first thing I went to look for in the grocery store, since I always take my camera with me...I think I'm going to do a round up post of grocery pictures soon, they're full of funny stuff.