Veg Out!

I like the idea of writing on this blog about local restaurants, from time to time. Today during our errand running marathon John and I took a break to eat lunch at Veg Out, a vegan restaurant near downtown London.

I wanted to order pretty much everything on the menu. John said the "fish" (tofu) and chips were really good.

It was a little bit like Runciple Spoon in Bloomington.

Unfortunately, it was also similar to the Spoon in that the service was pretty bad.

So bad in fact that we had plenty of time to play with my camera and take lots of pictures.

Look how John's skin is a similar color to that of the wall.

John managed to take a cool picture of my water glass.

That's talent.

You know John is bored when he turns on the color swap option on the camera.

Meanwhile, our food finally came.

John got the black bean burger with caramelized onions and guacamole.

I got the Thai Peanut Power Bowl (chickpeas, sweet potatoes, other veggies, quinoa, and a peanut sauce), with a side of avocado toast.

My food was really good, but the service was kind of awful. I'd give it another chance and probably order something else. The Thai Peanut bowl was ok, but not that impressive. I smelled the squash and coconut soup at the next table over and regretted not ordering it. John says the service was much better the other time he was there, and it was an impressive menu.

I'd give it a B+ and try it again.


  1. Oh, the Spoon.

    You couldn't get a table or anyone to take your order, but were you lucky enough to be graced with the presence of a server (NOT on drugs), the food was delicious!

  2. This sounds great! Let's go there when we visit.

  3. I figured we would give it another try when you guys are here!

  4. everything on the menu you mentioned sounds delish!!

  5. It really looked great! I'm looking forward to ordering something else.