Tire Canadienne, Part Deux

Getting a license plate in Ontario is a lengthy, frustrating process.

We try to get license plates but need to get 6 or so things taken care of first. We begin.

We go to Canadian Tire and try to get the car inspected for emissions and safety. It needs repairs, which we are basically obliged to get, though we weren't paid until the end of the month. We were poor.

October: We try to get insurance, but the process is a bit harder in Ontario, and the insurance broker (because that's how they do it) doesn't want to sell it to us because we don't have Ontario driver's licenses yet. We try to get licenses, but that specific part of the Ministry of Transportation (whose website is impossible to navigate - I challenge you to check it out) is on strike. Unions are really powerful in Canada and there's no end in sight.

November: We go round and round with the insurance people, who think we're wrong about the strike (we're not), and they eventually agree to sell us insurance in the mean time. We go BACK to Canadian Tire, to get another inspection because the first one is now more than 36 days old and, therefore, invalid. We beg and plead for them to cut us a deal, and while they refuse, at least they didn't find anything else wrong with the car.

Which brings me to our second time-killing journey around Canadian Tire.

These are hand-painted Christmas ornaments that John drew my attention to.
John: "You know how they're hand-painted?"
Abby: "No, how?"
John: "Because they look like crap."

It's John's dream for us to have a fake fire place. We look at them every time we go to Canadian Tire.

The issue isn't how ridiculous they are, or how much they cost. It's where would it go in our tiny apartment.

We haven't tried the ketchup chips yet, but the pickle chips are AWESOME.

In case you simply aren't satisfied with what you've seen so far, click here for a video of us wandering around the Christmas section.

And stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion of our quest to get Ontario plates, coming soon.

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