Ontario - Yours to Discover

November: We finally have Ontario license plates, car insurance, and an Ontario title to the car. We still don't have licenses, but that's because of the strike, so no one can hold it against us.

We had to to go the Shoppers Drug Mart around the corner to photocopy our licenses, and I had to take a picture of this sign:

The DMV (or its Canadian equivalent) had NO LINE, we didn't wait at all, and the woman who helped us was really smart. She knew exactly what we needed, and handed over two plates with the stickers already attached. We came home right away to screw the plates on.

A before shot.

I let John do all the heavy lifting,

while I practiced taking a self-portrait.

He even had to use the "Crankety-Crank," or a "socket wrench," depending on who you ask.

And voila!

It's going to be harder to blame being lost on being foreign when we have Canadian plates. But at least we won't be pulled over for the expired one we had.


  1. i am honestly unsure as to which of you would say "socket wrench" and which one would say "crankety crank."

  2. Oh, John actually knows what real tools are, despite his usual silliness. I wasn't sure what it was called and referred to it as the crankety crank until he corrected me.