Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Last year at this time, John and I were in Chicago, having Thanksgiving at my Aunt Becky's house. Canadian Thanksgiving happened last month, but here are some photo highlights from last year to remind us of what we're missing, and what we can be thankful for.

Those were in the days of our Epic Long Distance relationship, and Thanksgiving was the first of our holiday visits - usually a good time of year for long distance couples whose parents are nice enough to let them alternate visits so they can spend time together.

Becky lets her dog do the dishes so that everyone can take a post-Thanksgiving dinner nap.*

The infamous pie-tasting contest. It's more than famous - it's infamous.**

Oddly, they torture Canadians who have cable by showing American commercials for things they don't have here. Right now all the commercials are about American Thanksgiving. It's particularly cruel for us Americans living in Canada.

Think of this last one as a transitional photo, transitioning between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Nascar...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Think of me when you have your second piece of pie. I'll tell everyone it was only your first.

*False, of course.

**That's right, it's a Three Amigos reference. You're welcome.

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