"See y'all in Montreal!"

Welcome to the first post* of what will probably be three about my recent trip to Montreal for the Society for Music Theory (SMT) Annual Conference.

Driving through the city we immediately saw a Kentucky license plate. I wonder how long it took them to get there! It took us 10 hours from London, so I'm guessing they drove for at least 20 hours.

The SMT always picks a big, expensive, fancy hotel for the conference, and it's usually connected to an equally big, beautiful mall. This time we were connected to the Complex Desjardins, where some green boots called to me from a shoe store. It's fun to go to the mall in Canada and see stores that don't exist in the U.S.

For instance, this optometrist's office that uses raccoons in their ads.

(please notice that all of these little critters are wearing spectacles).

I also saw a poster for this...lotion (?) or something aimed at kids.

They also have something in Montreal called Beaver Tails - and no, I'm not kidding.

Apparently they're a type of pastry that everyone there dearly loves.

One more pic before moving onto more specific posts:

Not sure if this is Halloween specific, or just a regular cart.

*This may turn into several short posts, since it's easier to arrange the photos that way. With this in mind, I may post more than one per day. Please pace yourself reading them, it's not a race.


  1. Beaver tails... Hmm... Could they be like elephant ears pherhaps? I am intrigued.

  2. I think they're more like a croissant, but I never actually saw one.

  3. That's Montreal? It looks... different.

  4. In the next couple of posts you'll see more of the city and less of the grocery store/mall, I promise.